Wilmington Early College High School


A Degree Above


School Improvement Plan

Current School Improvement Plan
Current School Improvement Team Members
Staff Representatives:
Regina Wooten, Principal; Anita Brown, Assistant Principal; Jamie Troche, Teacher/SIT Lead; Chris Capen, Teacher; Jenn Tabor, Teacher; Stephanie Williams, Career Development Coordinator; Natasha Eachus, CFCC Liaison, Devyani Balladin, Counselor; 
Student Representative:
Helena Schutte, Super Senior. 

Parent Representatives:
Tammy Simmons.
Student and Parent Positions Available - Please email Ms. Troche if you are interested in sitting on the School Improvement Team
Meeting Dates:
The School Improvement Team will meet on the first Friday of every month at 2:00 PM in Room 115 unless otherwise noted.
Current Year's Meeting Notes: